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2020 has been a weird year for all of us, trying to navigate through so much bull****. A lot of our plans for this year were diminished due to Covid-19, and I'm sure your plans were too (thoughts and prayers for the families who lost a loved one). You might've missed out on traveling, a family get together, birthdays, personal interactions, anniversaries, weddings and retail releases. I mean you can drop your gear on the internet and sell out right now but how many owners miss the pop up shops and personal connections. We may never recover from this as in businesses and life as we knew it.

We contemplated back and forth about releasing a collection during the pandemic, but we still had the site going, you know people gotta have their custom $VILLE face masks. As we watched other brands release merchandise, collaborations and unnecessary pieces. We thought to ourselves, we can release something and we shouldn't be self conscious about it.


This collection has been in the works for a year and some change now, struggles of going through new manufacturers to losing sight of what the brand embodies. We worked very hard on this collection not only to bring you quality but to tell the story that goes with it.

I’ve always been inspired by my city and the paths it created for others. This collection is no different. We always talk about how Nashville is Athens of the South. Let’s talk about how Nashville is hub for culture and amongst other things.


Big Meech crossed our city’s path some years back. If you thinking what you thinking, you’re probably right. Court records indicate he had a plug at the DMV who hooked him up w/ a TN license w/ a fake name 🤯

The story is deep and for another time but I thought it would make for a good story and shirt.

Looking forward to bringing more stories like these to light. For now, enjoy this content!

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