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My Side: Black Business Boom

$ VILLE: Why did you move to Nashville?

Danielle: I was ready to get away from the cold weather and violence in Chicago. I got the opportunity to transfer to Nashville with the company I was working for in Chicago, so I jumped on it! Best decision I’ve ever made.

$ VILLE: What part of Nashville did you move to?

Danielle: I moved to Antioch. Apartments in the other areas of Nashville weren't convenient to my job and were so expensive. I lived in Antioch for two years now and I’ve grown to really like it.

$ VILLE: How’s Nashville different from Chicago?

Danielle: Well I expected it to be a lot more different.  Nashville has grown so much that it doesn’t really have the small town feel I was expecting. The social scene for Black professionals is much different and a lot slower than Chicago. It seems like people don’t like to get out as much here, but the people here are very welcoming and helpful. There’s a real sense of community in the circles I’ve been introduced to since being here.  

$ VILLE: Moving from a big city to smaller market, how did you find your way being a entrepreneur?

Danielle: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I owned a spa in Chicago for several years. After going through The Academy Entrepreneur Program offered by Corner to Corner, the entrepreneur flame in me was rekindled. Then after being a facilitator for the program, I realized how much I enjoyed helped other entrepreneurs and that’s how my new business was born.

$ VILLE: What is like being an entrepreneur in Nashville?

Danielle: It’s hard but it’s hard everywhere. Nashville tends to be very cliquish and it seems like you have to be in certain circles to gain support. Luckily, I have been able to meet some really good people who have supported me. There are also a lot of programs and resources for entrepreneurs here. Being a smaller city, it is easier to find out about those resources.

"The black dollar has so much power."

$ VILLE: Tell us what is black business boom?

Danielle: Black Business Boom is a website that is similar to Groupon but only offers deals and coupons for small Black owned businesses. The goal is to help consumers save money while increasing exposure to drive revenue to these business.

$ VILLE: Why did you start it?

Danielle: I have a passion for helping Black entrepreneurs. I understand the struggle with affording marketing and getting the exposure you need to succeed. So I wanted to find a solution that wasn't very costly to the business owners. I also love a good deal and saving money! I put the two together and came up with Black Business Boom.  

Black Business Boom

$ VILLE: Why is the black dollar so important?

Danielle: The black dollar has so much power. We have so much buying power but unfortunately, we continue to spend most of our money outside of our communities. Spending money with Black businesses helps create jobs. Those same jobs can help to keep youth employed and off of the streets. Spending money with Black businesses helps Black entrepreneurs to live their dream and sets an example for the youth. Keeping the Black dollar in the community is about building a strong sense of community now for future generations.

What areas if any do you target for you business?

Danielle: I haven’t really targeted any areas specifically. My focus was to provide a variety of businesses in every area of the Nashville and Murfreesboro area.

What’s your goal for 2019?

Danielle: My goal is to be in 5 additional metropolitan areas in the first quarter of 2019 and expand to at least 15 cities by the end of 2019.  I’d also like to partner with other organizations that have similar goals for keeping the Black dollar in the Black community.

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