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Side Hustles of Nashville (Ep. 2)

In today's climate, it's necessary to have more than one skill. In Nashville (and many other growing cities), it's becoming necessary to have more than one stream of income. After talking to many of the city's small business owners and creatives, I found one common denominator: In order to make ends meet and still create content, you have to be willing to "get it each and every way". Over the next few weeks we will get to know some of Nashville's very own (Side) Hustlers. Those that have and will always DO IT ALL. 


Stavon Williams captured by Autumn Chanel

a. Name/Alias -- Stavon Williams

b. Born In -- Southbend, Indiana......Moved to Nashville in 2004

c. Title -- entrepreneur or CEO

d. Social Media -- Facebook: Stavon Williams IG: @stavon_williams

"Follow your dreams and your goals. If you know that it's exactly what you want to do, go for it!" - Stavon Williams

1. What “side” of a Nashville do you claim? (Out East, Out North, etc.) -- Antioch, 37013!

2. As a creative and business owner, what do you create/produce? What service(s) do you provide? -- I am the owner of S dot WILL, a scholarship fund in honor of my dad Scott Williams who passed unexpectedly. I did this to give something positive back to the black community in Muncie,IN which is where he was born, raised & lived his entire life. We’re hoping to stretch scholarships beyond as well! The S dot WILL collection provides custom made t-shirts (we offer vinyl and/or screen print), we also offer 100% natural shea butters and room sprays. We are getting ready to tap into candles and body scrubs, too. We plan to get into style consulting. We also offer marketing consulting for small businesses that want to expand and grow but don't really know how to move forward and increase their income.  3. The Age of Side Hustles: How many streams of income or “hustles” do you currently have? -- I am a full time marketing consultant, I bartend and design and make products for the S dot WILL collection.

4. Don’t take it personal, it’s just business: Do you find a good balance between work and play? If yes, how? — I don't think I find a good balance between work and play. I think that my main focus is work and how much money I can make over a certain period of time. I can sleep when I die. But when I do play, which is every so often, I may go to Sunday Night Soul once a month or I may go out bowling. But it's definitely not balanced. It's more work than play, for sure. 5. Best professional advice you’ve ever received? —"Follow your dreams and your goals. If you know that it's exactly what you want to do, go for it!" Given? — "Skip a bill and go for it!" 

Follow Stavon on Instagram @stavon_williams

Did you catch the last episode of Side Hustles of Nashville?

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