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Side Hustles of Nashville (Ep. 1)

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

In today's climate, it's necessary to have more than one skill. In Nashville (and many other growing cities), it's becoming necessary to have more than one stream of income. After talking to many of the city's small business owners and creatives, I found one common denominator: In order to make ends meet and still create content, you have to be willing to "get it each and every way". Over the next few weeks we will get to know some of Nashville's very own (Side) Hustlers. Those that have and will always DO IT ALL. 


Lord Goldie photographed by Autumn Chanel

a. Name/Alias - Candice Evans aka Karizma aka Lord Goldie aka PIMP

b. Born In Nashville or Moved to Nashville -- Born and raised in the Ville

c. Title -- Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter/A whole damn list of shit

d. Social Media/Streaming -- IG & Twitter: @lordgoldie615, FB: Karizma aka Lord Goldie,

Tidal, Apple, Spotify: Lord Goldie 

Best professional advice you’ve ever received? Given? -"DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!"


1. What “side” of a Nashville do you claim? (Out East, Out North, etc.) 

Out South

2. As a creative and business owner, what do you create/produce? What service(s) do you provide? 

The music that I create for myself is called Trap Conscious. It’s trap music with meaning and soul. My services are songwriting (all genres), co-producing, audio engineering and managing. I also plug people with other people needed for services, event spaces, etc.

3. The Age of Side Hustles: How many streams of income or “hustles” do you currently have? Name some of them. 

I have a few of side hustles lol. I work the desk at HOME (Helping Our Music Evolve). I deliver for Postmates and Door Dash. Prep Chef/Caterer at The Congregation Micah and sometimes that comes with going to people’s private events. 

4. Don’t take it personal, it’s just business: Do you find a good balance between work and play? If yes, how? 

Well I don’t go out and play as much as I used to. If it’s not spending time in nature, the studio or a show, I really have no interest. Except maybe an occasional bar or 2. It puts a strain on relationships, hence to why I’m single and don’t see a lot of my friends as I used to. Some people understand and some don’t.

5. Best professional advice you’ve ever received? Given? "DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!"

Check out Lord Goldie's music here

"Side Hustles" written and created by Autumn Chanel

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