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Places to eat in Antioch, TN

Antioch, TN is a multicultural hub in Tennessee, you have all these different ethnic backgrounds in one place. We visit Antioch a few times a month due to our merchandise in stores like Phatkaps and Antioch Tobacco Store but we're always looking for food to eat out there.

Tuesday, I went to twitter with my complaint "If I lived in antioch I would be selling hot plates. It ain't nun to eat out that mf". Twitter hit us back with over 25 replies with their favorite restaurants and food trucks. A lot of these places we haven't tried yet but the people of Antioch vouch.


Here's a list of food recommendations in the Antioch area.

*not in any order

- Prince's

- Bolton's

- Plaza Mariachi

- Juicy Seafood

- El Tapatio

- Slim and Husky's

- Fatboys

- Thida Tai

- Maemax

- Chong Tong

- H&T's

- Bones

- American Deli

- Hellen's

- Starwood

- Angelo's Pizza

- Angorkians

- Exotika

- Philly Burgers

- Bangkokville

- Surreal Spice

- Amy's Ethiopian

- Kirin Sushi

- Hot Pot

- Rib Doctor BBQ

Comment below if you have a restaurant that needs to be added.

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