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Oprah Grew Up Out East!

Growing up as a kid in Nashville, Oprah was a inspiration to us. A young black female who made it out of Nashville, TN to not only chase her dreams but create opportunities for others.

She went to the same school I attended, East High and then later on to TSU.

"It's bigger than a T-shirt or just saying it for notoriety. Oprah walked those same halls as I did, and started her career here in Nashville just like me.'


Story has it my great-uncle Noble Blackwell, went to Vernon Winfrey Oprah's father about getting her to intern at WVOL. An African American woman who is now worth 2.6 Billion dollars started her career in Nashville, the land of Country Music. This gave us young black creatives something to look forward to coming up, she was inspiration, a diamond in the dirt. Whether her experiences here were great or not, Nashville molded her to become who she is today. Even though, Nashville is a lot different now, back then as far as community it still had it problems with racism being on the front lines of the south.

"It's not about where you at, it's about where you're going"

This shirt is an expression to show you it is possible, that you can do it too. Oprah went to East, she worked at WVOL, walked amongst TSU and Fisk. It's encouraging for teenagers and kids to know about the history of Nashville, so that they can understand that it's possible to overcome circumstances. I tell students all the time, Its not about where you at, it's about where you're going.

“Oprah from Out East” if you didn’t know..

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