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Tennessee Black History (The Boyd Legacy)

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Today's fact comes from the Boyd family (if you went to #TennesseeStateUniversity you know ALL about Boyd Hall). The founding patriarch, Richard Henry Boyd, born into slavery and went on to establish the R. H. Boyd Publishing Corporation, formerly the National Baptist Publishing Board in 1897. Following the success of his publishing business, Dr. Boyd and his supporters founded the National Baptist Convention of America.


Dr. Boyd also believed that #RepresentationMatters and established the National Negro Doll Company in 1908.


Dr. Boyd also demonstrated #BlackExcellence by being one of the founders AND the first president of the One-Cent Savings and Trust Company Bank in 1904, which still operates as Citizens Savings Bank and Trust on Jefferson Street in North Nashville, today!


Whew chile, the Boyd legacy has spanned at lease FIVE generations and their contributions to the Black history of Tennessee will live on forever!

The Boyd family is one of the MANY reasons I'm proud to be Black and straight outta Tennessee!


Written by Brigette Jones

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