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My Side: STAN


The streets are blocked off, you can hear music from a block away and you can see smoke in the air which is unusual for any day in the Historic parts of East Nashville. We joined the artist, father and East Nashville native STAN on an Sunday afternoon for a neighborhood block party #OutEast on his mom's street.


$ VILLE: How has Nashville shaped your music?

STAN: The artist in Nashville are pretty close, we critique each others music and compare notes. Growing up in Nashville pretty much shaped my whole style. I didn't have that D-Boy style, I'm more of a tell you what's going on with a fu*k it attitude.

"East Nashville was always a nice neighborhood but it's nothing like when I was growing up."

$ VILLE: Who were your biggest influences growing up?

STAN: My mama, she bust her ass worked plenty of jobs to take care of us. As far as music, Andre 3000, Goodie Mob, Jay Z to name a few.

$ VILLE: Growing up, in East Nashville was there a sense of community?

STAN: People looked a lot like me growing up. It's a nice neighborhood now but growing up it wasn't always that nice as far as development. It was a sense of community growing up back then, I probably had about 15 - 20 friends around my age we would spend the night at each others house.

"Anybody who could afford to stay in their house hats' off to you!"

STAN a rapper from East Nashville playing corn hole with his younger brother Petty who is also a well known artist in Nashville.
STAN and Petty

$ VILLE: What has changed since then?

STAN: Melanin haha.. I mean my moms is white so I can't say nothing. What changed is a lot of families are moving out here or settling down and establishing them. A lot has changed Five Points wasn't there at all, it was mom and pop joints.

This concludes our interview with STAN, you can reach him at all his social media outlets at the bottom of this article. Stay tuned for our next episode of #MySide where we highlight movers and shakers of the industry behind the scenes.

Youtube: FUSTAN

IG: fu_stan

Special Thanks!

Johnathan Duo with HGHR GRND CO. @hghrgrndco

Jeff Shibley @justxjeff

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#OutEast shirt which is featured in today's #MySide interview
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